Before you hire a tree care company

Here's What You Should Know

In addition to hiring a certified arborist, you will want to ensure that the tree company you choose is protecting you from potential liabilities if an accident would occur during the completion of the work. It is not uncommon for tree care companies to not carry the proper liability (personal and property damage) AND workers compensation insurance.

If you are simply trying to find a tree care company at the cheapest rate, be aware that companies who give you the lowest bid may be a company that “cuts corners” and one corner that often gets cut is in the area of insurance coverage. That is not something you want to take a chance on.


A reputable arborist carries personal and property damage insurance as well as workers’ compensation insurance for tree work. When hiring an arborist, ask for proof of insurance and then phone the insurance company if you want to follow up with the information you were given.

Workers’ compensation insurance in the tree industry is very expensive due to the inherent dangers of the work, and often this is unfortunately where some tree companies can be deceptive. Often, these companies will claim the individuals working for them are not “employees”, but rather “subcontractors” to avoid paying for workers’ compensation insurance. When you are obtaining estimates from various tree companies, it is wise to ask if those working for the company as climbers/ground crew are employees that are covered by the company’s workers’ compensation and liability policies, or are considered subcontractors. Find more information about insurance here.


If a tree care company uses subcontractors, you will want to verify that each subcontractor carriers their own individual insurance. On rare occasions, we will hire a subcontractor – most commonly if a crane larger than ours, and/or a second skilled climber is needed, to complete a job. If your job requires a subcontractor, please ask us for a copy of our subcontractor’s insurance coverage and we will gladly provide it to you.

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