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Considerations When Hiring
a Tree Care Company


Your job is important to us, however please be aware that all dates are subject to change, even at the last minute, due to weather, emergency tree care, jobs taking longer than anticipated for various reasons, scheduling conflicts, and circumstances beyond our control. The date you are placed on our schedule, unless explicitly communicated prior, is tentative. Our schedule is constantly changing, and since our priority is to complete your work, we do not always have the ability to update our schedule daily when changes are made. We are typically very busy from spring through late fall – we greatly appreciate your understanding and flexibility.

**If your job is listed on a Saturday, please note this does not necessarily mean this is the date/time we plan on completing your job.  Sometimes we move jobs to Saturdays on the calendar if they got “bumped” earlier in the week simply as a reminder to us that we need to work them in as soon as we possibly can.

To ensure you are added to our schedule, please make sure you return to us a signed copy of your proposal. In general, jobs are added to the schedule in the order in which we receive signed proposals.

Calendar tools:
– tap left arrow to select previous month
– tap right arrow to select the next month
– tap Agenda to see a complete list of jobs scheduled

**Please note: Fridays may be kept “open” on the below calendar to allow for flexibility in anticipation for jobs going longer than expected, rain days, add-on and/or emergency work.